Synthetic TurfCare Maintenance Program

Our SportChamp maintenance program features a unique 3 step process that rejuvenates old and new infill synthetic grass fields. Unlike other machines that simply spread the dirt and extraneous material over your entire field, the SportChamp removes the debris all others leave behind.

On-Site Inspection Analysis

  • Turf seams inspected
  • Infill analysis: numbers; arrows; hash marks; lines; logos; and letters
  • Turf edge inspection
  • Field insert inspection (electrical box, irrigation covers, etc.)

3-Step Deep Cleaning of Synthetic Turf

1. Step One: Decompaction

  • Loosen rubber or sand/rubber infill
  • Straighten or rise up matted over turf fibers

2. Step Two: Deep Cleaning

  • Rotary brush raises turf fibers and deposits infill to vibrating screen
  • Vibrating screen shakes rubber or sand/rubber infill through screen
  • Vacuum pulls fine dirt particles to enclosed bin
  • Cleaned infill is deposited in vibrating screen and removed as needed by operator

3. Step Three: Finish Clean/Turf Grooming

  • Dual-broom/vacuum attachment removes fine dust/debris second time
  • Turf fibers are straightened out
  • Infill is groomed and evened out throughout the field

Synthetic Turf Report

  • Results of inspection analysis
  • Photo of possible warranty work for submission to turf manufacturer
  • Results of 3 step cleaning
  • Recommendations for future cleaning/maintenance
equipment photo