Our Team Helping Your Team Build for the Future

Midwest FieldTurf's commitment to excellence, with over 125 years of combined experience serving the recreational and artificial surface industry in the Midwest, makes Midwest FieldTurf the premiere sports surface installers.

Your installation will meet the high quality standards of the FieldTurfTM brand. Each installation site is carefully and professionally prepared. We pay attention to specific details during each step of your installation to assure you receive the highest quality playing surface.

Midwest FieldTurf installers are professionally trained in the process that is necessary to complete a FieldTurfTM installation. This process is what sets a Midwest FieldTurf installation apart from other playing surface installers. Our installers pay attention to every detail to assure a quality FieldTurfTM installation.

The staff at Midwest FieldTurf has a long history of installing high quality sport playing surfaces. This experience sets the standard for each FieldTurfTM installation.

Design and Build Process